Machine Gun Experience

One of the most thrilling times you’ll ever have with a firearm! Take this opportunity to fire the M249 SAW. Capable of nearly 800 rounds per minute, this gun is a must try!


Additional Ammunition

We believe you will enjoy yourself so much you want more! Upgrade your experience with additional ammunition for your chosen firearms. Get it now because it is cheap to upgrade! See our price list for additional rounds or magazines.


Family Experience

Want to get in on the action with your youngster? Add slots to the lazer tag fun for the whole family at a greatly discounted price!


Sniper Rifle Experience

Try your skills as a sharpshooter. Whether you choose the Triple Play option or select the sniper rifles individually, these guns have awesome power and will leave you wanting more!


Additional Packages

We don’t think a single experience is going to satisfy that adrenaline rush you get when you take out the monsters or villains! Try upgrading to one of our other packages at a significantly reduced price! Or, get the ultimate experience and upgrade to our VIP Package.


Medallion Shoot

Try your marksman skills by attempting to shoot the center from our logo medallion! Something to seriously brag about to your friends!

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